Guest House

No cars, no shoes, no worries

If You have been searching for a Paradise experience You have found it.
The beautiful, modern and new Mukunda is situated directly in front the pristine Crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, on the small picturesque palm tree lined island of Isla Carenero in Bocas del Toro, Panamá.
Come join us in a world where time slows to a crawl and You are able to soak in all the goodness these waters islands and people have to offer.

Mukunda Guest House

was built just a year ago. Is own by Panamenian family, that has call Carenero their Home for over 23 years.

We truely love this island Vibes and Magic and are happy to host people around the world yo come live and fall in love with the real island life.
Where times stop and You soul expands with all the Beauty that surrounded this island.

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About us

We are a private Guest House over the beach in front of the inmensity

House Amenities

Fall asleep while listening to the ocean a waves breaking on the shore.


Water activities. Looking for waves? We have You cover.


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